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The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle, non-invasive and simple approach to self-healing and personal development. It has its origins in the work of Robert St. John, a British naturopath and reflexologist Gaston Saint-Pierre, who studied extensively with Robert St. John during the 1970s, further developed the work and created the term “The Metamorphic Technique”.

The Metamorphic Technique acts as a catalyst to the life force, gently enabling you to transform your patterns and begin to move from who you are, to who you can be.

The Metamorphic practitioner uses a light touch on points known as the spinal reflexes in the feet, hands and head. At the same time, he or she remains detached from the achievement of specific results. This allows your energy to be guided by your own innate intelligence (the “wisdom within”), transforming your patterns in whatever ways are right for you.

A safe, relaxing space is provided where the person can “just be”. There is no need to take a case history. Some people may wish to talk, while others enjoy taking time out. A session usually lasts 60 minutes.

The Metamorphic Technique is not a therapy or a treatment, as it is not concerned with addressing specific symptoms or problems. It is an empowering tool for enabling people to “get out of their own way”, let go of past limitations, personal issues and move forward in their lives.

The Metamorphic Massage can be safely used by anyone including children, pregnant mothers, people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as in schools for children with learning difficulties and people who are dying. The Technique can be received on its own or alongside other approaches, whether conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies. It is accessible to everyone and easy to learn.

The Metamorphic Technique: a unique tool for personal transformation.