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The 2Point Quantum Healing Method isn’t really a healing method but rather a simple but effective way or process for deep inner work, quickly leading to profound inner awareness. And that heals.

Re - Discovered by Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment) and Dr. Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics) it is an old technique already known and used by the Kahunas, traditional Hawaiian healers, there known as “Kahi”, the magic touch.

Anyone can learn this skill and practice 2Point Quantum Healing.

The basis of 2Point Quantum Healing is applied Quantum physics. Quantum physics have discovered that all matter is ultimately energy and information. That light sometimes can have the form of a particle and sometimes that of a wave.

This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that creates all of reality.

Explanation on Quantum Theory see:
Quantum Healing with Dr. Shui Yin Lo on www.youtube.com