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Craniosacral Balancing   |  2Point Quantum Healing  | The Metamorphic Technique


an art form of bodywork with a holistic therapeutic approach using the client's own body dynamics and the "Breath of Life" concept.

A very subtle touch allows the practitioner to deeply listen to the fluctuations of the cerebrospinal fluid within the craniosacral system, and the client's system begins to access its own inner resources of inherent health, the Life Forces.
This inherent health is expressed in a series of subtle rhythms within a network of interrelated tissues and fluids situated between the cranium and the sacrum, which is the core of our body.

Craniosacral Balancing strengthens the whole system and creates a safe environment. That way the body can display unresolved issues such as injuries, falls, violence or accidents. Even minor surgeries including dental work and anesthesia residues can create strains. An overwhelming emotion, often locked into the body trauma, makes the injury more difficult to heal.  
On the whole, the ability of cells and tissues to express their primary respiratory motion is a critical factor in determining our state of health. The emphasis of biodynamic craniosacral therapy is to help resolve the trapped forces that underlie and govern patterns of disease and fragmentation in both body, mind and spirit.

The intention of treatment is to facilitate the expression of the "Breath of Life" by enhancing the body's innate self- healing and self-regulating capabilities. It is a holistic approach to healing, and the inter-connections of mind, body and spirit are in the centre of awareness. It is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of illnesses, designed to create optimal conditions for health, encouraging vitality, and facilitating a new sense of well-being.

It is suitable for people of all ages including babies, children and the elderly, and it can be effective for acute and chronic conditions.